Hi, I'm Eric.

I help brilliant people get unstuck.

Hi, I'm Eric.

I help brilliant people get unstuck.

Hi, I'm Eric.

I help brilliant people get unstuck.


Some people I work with have most things sorted out, but have one tricky area of life or a project where they’re looking for a breakthrough.

     Others are brilliant, but are stuck in many or all areas of life. Life isn’t fulfilling to them, and at this point they’re just going through the motions. 

     Whichever category you’re in, I will support you in getting clear on exactly what you want. Often the blocks to motivation are tied to being confused about what we really want, and in our conversations we will suss out exactly that, bringing it to the surface along with whatever insecurities and limiting beliefs of unworthiness you have that keep you from clarity.

     While we work on connecting you to what you want, we also gently bring awareness to how it feels to be you in your life and in the various activities you engage. Once you are clear on what you want, we’ll create an action plan that feels good for you to do that will move you to your goals. 

     Below you can read more about how I work with people, what people say about coaching with me, and the uncomfortable path that brought me to this work. If you’d like to try coaching, book an initial consultation. If you want to make the shift from looking outside yourself for validation, answers, and worth to finding that within, check out The Big Shift! 

“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


You either have what you want or you have excuses (or explanations) for why you don’t have it. 

     This isn’t being harsh or unkind, but I can understand it if you hear it this way. It’s direct. It’s confronting. But it’s also compassionate. I coach you to get what you want, be it income, happiness, a particular positive difference made in the world around you, or all three. In our work together we start by getting clear on what you want, what you REALLY want- your dreams. This often requires confronting some serious and fundamental insecurities, basically: not believing that you’re worthy, deserving, or capable.

     Once your vision is clear, we will work to help you see how this vision is possible for you. As a note, in all the years I’ve been coaching, I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone describe deep authentic desires (not egotistic longings) that were not possible for them to create or achieve. The only thing that keeps a person from achieving their dreams (outside of staying confused about what they truly desire) is the inability to claim their dreams as their own and stay focused and connected to their vision.

     This connection with one’s vision is as much a connection with oneself. To create and grow this connection with yourself, I work with you around three key “intelligences” that combine to form the world that you experience, the world that gives you your actions. These intelligences are,

Mental Intelligence– your ability to put your attention on what you want and choose your perspective on a situation.

Emotional Intelligence– having access to a full spectrum of emotions and your ability to be aware of and not be shaken by emotions.

Action Intelligence– your capacity to choose, to say “yes” to what you want and say “no” to what you don’t want.

     As you allow yourself to want and you free yourself from confining beliefs, the creative force that sits within you ignites and you find a sense of being you right now that inspires you and launches you into making your vision a reality.

“I’ve been involved with different self-improvement programs since I was 18, everything from Landmark Education, therapy, group therapy, 12-step, tons of self-improvement books, and other workshops. Eric’s coaching experience is different and brings something completely new to my toolbox.

He coached me in a way that showed me how to think and go about my day differently. By listening within, to my physical sensations and emotions, I’m now able to live my life in a clearer, more fulfilling way. I’ve always been focused on approval from others (i.e. boss, wife, friends, family) as well as money and prestige.

I was just starting a new job the same week I started working with Eric. It was a standard sales position where expectations were pretty straightforward: build pipeline and close deals. I’m used to operating on adrenaline where I set ambitious sales targets and share my goals with everyone trying to impress the team and be number one. On one hand, it’s a rush. On the other hand, it’s exhausting and a bit lonely. There’s no sense of teamwork and I feel like I’m using my prospects to look good – never mind whether they’re making out well on the deal.

Through work with Eric, I got present to how little I actually cared about this job. I got in tune with how our business was closing deals but none of our customers were happy or making money out of their relationship with us. By speaking up and getting more involved with my companies account management and operational side of things, I’ve since transitioned to a new role. Within five months, I was promoted to Head of All Accounts that came with a 40% raise plus bonuses. More importantly, I’m extremely fulfilled and in love with my job. Working hard is easy.

Additionally, my personal life has also improved. For the first time, my addiction to porn and compulsive sexual activity has vastly improved. My relationship with my wife is so much better as well.”

R. C.

Lead Account Manager, Tech Startup

“I was reluctant and skeptical about coaching at first. After a few sessions with Eric it became clear that the time and investment was well spent, and I began seeing tangible results. His preparation for our sessions makes it valuable and productive. I’ve had specific tangible financial benefits from Eric’s coaching. His help in preparing for negotiations with clients and employees, in which he helped me see perspective and positioning that I would not have seen otherwise, has resulted in demonstrably better results than I would have had without him. I am seeing positive differences in how I approach my professional and personal communications and interactions. Eric has helped me see others’ points of view and perspectives, and this has helped tremendously with my own communication. Through our work together I’ve gotten better at taking key actions that move my business forward, have found a healthier work/life balance, and have improved both business and personal relationships.”
Peter Cannistra

Principal, Way Forward Consulting

“I was at a very low point in my life when I found Eric. Lack of confidence and depression filled my life and I had concluded that things would stay this way. Through our work together I realigned myself by taking responsibility for my life and questioning my perceptions. He is the best person to share your thoughts with and will challenge your way of thinking at every step, all while being patient and supportive. I highly recommend coaching with Eric. It’s his mission to make a world where people are freed to express themselves and their unique visions through action.”
Abhijeet G

Aerospace Engineer, Entrepreneur


I had an epiphany of sorts in 2009 after losing a substantial amount of money in the stock market. 

     From the depths of confusion and numbed regret, in one monumental moment involving a gingerbread cookie and misty Seattle weather, I had an experience of complete joy. This joy both didn’t make sense (since I had just lost a lot of money) and had me start to question my obvious life path of finance and trading.

I quit trading three months later having lost the motivation I had to make money, which I had used as an emblem of my worth. I transitioned to understanding how people transform, but unwittingly changed the emblem of my worth from money to wisdom. For the next two years I studied the transformation process diligently, attending more than 20 multi-day retreats and seminars, reading hundreds of books and book summaries, giving a TEDx talk, and traveling to over 30 cities. Throughout, I did my best to appear wise.

In 2011, I wound up in Powell River, BC, Canada where I lived with and developed under an emotional intelligence and mindfulness teacher for six months. It was with this mentor that I started to realize the flaw in my motivation. I was still seeking to make up for a deeply rooted sense of lack. A sense that I wasn’t attractive, good, or worthy. I realized that these insecurities continued to drive my motivation, even though the subject matter of the work I was doing was quite different.

When I landed back in the States this old, insecurity-driven motivation crumbled and I did virtually nothing for many weeks. The motivation I had run on for the majority of my life had gone, and left a void in its place. I didn’t know how to engage life if I wasn’t trying to get somewhere or win someone’s affection or approval, so I did nothing.

Gradually and with much frustration (mostly from trying to force myself back into the old motivations), I found that there were little things that I enjoyed. I really did enjoy exploring the transformation process, and I really loved the connection and presence I felt when giving my full attention to understanding the reality experienced by another person in a coaching conversation. Eventually I learned to do things because I enjoyed them, rather than to manipulate my environment into giving me praise, and this changed everything. A sense of freedom set in, and the ongoing question of if I was good enough had been laid to rest. I was not good for what I had achieved, no, I got my feeling of good from how it felt to be with myself in my own skin, with the choices I make and the fears I acted in spite of. Finally, life started to feel like the blank canvas from which to create that I remembered as a child, the space where I did things because I was curious and wanted to without the fear of looking bad or being misunderstood.

I now live in Cleveland, OH, and mostly enjoy the constant and ongoing process of growth that has us feel ever more grounded and free. I embrace this process for myself and others through my coaching and courses, working to allow anyone who wants to find their own voice and their own blank canvas to do so.


If you are interested in working together please e-mail me at eric [at] ericlanigan [dot] com.