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10/12/2021 – I’m changing how I coach.

I’m transitioning from ongoing coaching relationships to intentional coaching bursts of 3 months. I’ve found that the first 3 months of coaching are the most transformational for the client, and the most interesting for me as a coach. To keep up with demand, I’ll be limiting clients to booking 3 months of coaching at a time. 

After 3 months, if there’s energy and desire to continue for both of us, we’ll set new intentions and do another 3 month burst. I’m also open to smaller or larger extension containers, from 1 month to 1 year. 

Pricing: $6,000-$20,000 per 3 month burst, depending on what feels best to us and the needs desired for the coaching container. 

Availability: I have one coaching slot opening at the end of October. Going forward, with this new coaching structure in place, I should have more regular availability.

Edit: I’m now full, with the next slot likely opening up in December or January.

Contact: If you’d like to see if we are a good fit for coaching, please contact me (eric[at] or through the widget ↘️). 


Old Updates:

1/19/2021 – Update

My schedule is now full and I will not be taking on more clients at this moment. I will still do quick, free intro sessions for people who are interested in coaching to find fits for when I have an opening. I’ll do these sessions for anyone until I have 3 people on a waiting list, then I’ll hold off until the waiting list starts to clear out. Thanks for your understanding. 


Thanks for your interest in coaching! Right now my availability is somewhat limited. As a stay/work-from-home father of a baby with a wife working ~80+ hours/week in the medical field, it is hard for me to guarantee a regular coaching time every week.

I would love to help you, and I do have room for one full time or two part time clients, but I really need clients who are a good fit for my circumstances. That is, clients who are somewhat flexible on call times and who aren’t opposed to hearing my baby girl cooing or babbling in the background from time to time! 

I’ve closed my calendar availability below. If you are interested in seeing if we’re a match, please email me (eric[at] or reach out through the widget . I’m happy to do free quick intro session to see if we’re a match. 

Thanks for your understanding and stay safe!