I used to have a scheduler here, but I’m paring down my coaching practice to focus on developing a new course and learning community. That said, I still work with a handful of clients who are dedicated to enjoying existing – which is the focus of my work. If you’d like to see if we’re a fit for coaching, please reach out to me by email Eric [at] EricLanigan [dot] com or through the widget ↘️. 

Pricing: Right now I’m charging my hourly rate for an intro session ($500), and require that clients pay in advance for a minimum of 3 months if after the intro session they choose to commit to coaching. For hourly, weekly sessions with light in-between support, that’s $6,000. I’m also open to more intense containers, meeting twice or more weekly, but that will be on a case-by-case and availability basis.

Availability: I can support 1-2 more clients right now. I’m also open for leading retreat sessions and trainings for small to medium sized teams/groups. 

If it feels right, I’d love to support you in your process toward fully and unequivocally enjoying existing. 




Why do you charge so much?

If you scrub my old Reddit posts (my username is my name, no spaces), you’ll see that I’ve always wanted to give away coaching. I tried to swing being a free life coach for awhile – but both I and the people whose couches I was surfing eventually got tired of that! Right now I’m juggling being a part-time stay/work from home dad and doing what to me is my life’s work: developing a science based personal growth model that allows people a simple, effective, and fun way to grow – with the experience of that growth being enjoyable.

In addition to the model, I intend to add either an app or some in-person community structure, that I’m hoping scales, assuming the process works. By charging what I charge, I can live off working with a handful of clients and can dedicate the rest of my time to this project. I’m especially grateful to the people who support me as clients, as they’re helping make this project, what will likely be called Enjoy Existing, a reality. It then will offer me an ability to impact hundreds or thousands of people at very low cost, where I’m not directly holding a space for growth one-on-one.  

Thanks so much for your understanding.