Apply For Coaching

     Thanks for your interest in coaching. To help me get a feel for you and what you’re up to, please email me answers to the following questions at I find it’s best if each answer is between three and ten lines long. If you have a native mail client, clicking the email address above will populate the email with the questions for you.

1): What do you REALLY want?

2): Why do you want that?

3): If you had what you want, what would that be like?

4): What’s stopping you from creating what you want?

     Bonus: Tell me about a recent time where you’ve positively contributed to someone’s life.*

     Don’t worry if the answers aren’t perfect. They’re meant to help me get a feel for you and to give us a head start with your session.

Warm regards,

*If you don’t regularly contribute to others, try it out. That said, I was a selfish jerk for a lot of my life, so don’t feel as though you have to answer the bonus in order to be considered. It’s there as a way for you to share more about yourself.