Choice Point


   Choice Point is a 6-week course designed to help you get in touch with what you want and to take action. It’s different than most courses with the same promise because it focuses on the root cause of what’s stopping you- your aversion to uncomfortable emotions and fears. It’s these that prevent you from letting yourself know what you truly want, and it’s these that you consciously or unconsciously try to avoid with actions that numb and distract you from them.

    The course begins with a focus on taking imperfect action, and then progresses through a process that experientially introduces the Choice Point, a state of heightened awareness of self that both lets you choose how you will respond to life and puts you in touch with your own intuition, or grounded sense of what is right for you to do. When your capacity to choose pairs with an awareness of what you really want, you will find yourself naturally taking those actions that inspire you. Here life stops being a game of forcing yourself to do things you think you should do.