Re-Connecting The World.

Two and a half years ago I started writing The Big Shift with the intention that it be a global catalyst for people’s self-connection, paving the way for people to move through their blocks to clear, inner-desire driven action.

Over the last year and a half, I’ve guided more than a hundred people through the course, developed my ability to facilitate it, and transitioned it to a new, robust platform.

Now, with some nervous excitement, it feels right to fulfill that original vision with some bold imperfect action.


I’m committing to facilitate The Big Shift for 1000 people over the next 4 months – and I’m giving it away for free.

To accommodate people all over the world I will guide monthly sections of the course, and we will meet weekly over two, hour-long group calls on Tuesdays at 1PM and 9PM ET (join one or both!).

To still give an intimate experience of the material, we’ve got a group of previous students who are volunteering to host “office hour” calls at a variety of times throughout the week. ❤️

Why do this?

Because self-connected people naturally hold space for others to re-connect. Self-connected people build systems and organizations that include and serve. Self-connected people will create the world we want to live in.

Will you help me pollinate the world with a proven path to self-connection?

Then please, take the course. If at some point it feels right, share the course with your friends, families, and networks.

To Register

Head to

The code for May (registration ends Thursday, 4/25!) is: MAYALLBEINGSBEHAPPY

Thank you! Thank you for doing the work to re-connect with yourself. This work inspires others. Thank you for sharing this course with your networks if you do that.

Yours in service,

PS: If you’re inspired by this and want to do more than just take the course or share it, email me. I’ve got a number of things I’m working on, from two podcasts to re-shooting nearly all the videos for this course, to starting to guide live retreats. I’d love to find a way to include you and match your gifts with our needs in this endeavor to re-connect the world.